Inspirational 2-day course with Sensei Price

7 November 2015

Friday class from Sensei Price course

Both Nailsea Karate and Backwell Karate hosted a 2-day course with Sensei Matt Price on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th November.

Club members and a small number of visitors were treated to classes covering a broad range of Karate, with kumite tips, work on fundamentals and further work on kata too.

As well as going through application and performance of Heian Nidan, Sensei Price taught Kakuyoku Nidan to the advanced class on Saturday. The kata - not one of the usual 26 recognised Shotokan katas - was originally introduced to the Shotokan community by Asai Sensei, a pioneer of Shotokan Karate.

The students that took part were buzzing after the event, having enjoyed a fantastic 5 hours of training under one of the UK's foremost instructors. Thank you once again to Sensei Price for making the long trip to visit us.