Sensei Sherry visits Backwell

20 March 2015

The class attendees as Sensei Sherry visits Congratulations to the 24 Backwell Karate and Nailsea Karate students who moved up a level after a training and grading session with Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan of the KUGB.

The KUGB's Chief Instructor made the trip to North Somerset for the third time in three years, teaching two classes, including a kyu grade pre-grading class and special session only for Dan grades.

But it was in the kyu grading itself when many of the club's members took the opportunity to impress, with some solid performances from a range of grades.

In the dan grade class Sensei Sherry ran through Sochin kata, which is one of several katas to be focused on during April and May at sister club Nailsea Karate.

We would like to thank Sensei Sherry for visiting us once again and also to congratulate our members on achieving their next coloured belt.