Special course and grading with Sensei Sherry booked

1 February 2016

Sensei Sherry will be in Backwell on 20th March

We're really pleased to announce that the Chief Instructor of the KUGB, Sensei Andy Sherry, will be joining us once again for our spring grading.

Sensei Sherry is an inspiration to so many of us. He was the first ever European Karate Champion in 1968 and provides an example of how Karate is for life - he continues to have incredible technique, speed and spirit at the age of 73. Sensei teaches a number of courses throughout the country in big venues for hundreds of people simultaneously, so make the most of this opportunity to train with him at our intimate Parish Hall venue, where you'll receive more attention that would be possible at a big course.

The grading is scheduled for Friday 11th March at Backwell Parish Hall. Sensei will once again take two classes: one for kyu grades and a second for dan grades. The training and grading times are listed below:

Kyu grade training: 6.00-7.00pm
Kyu grading: 7.00-8.30pm
Dan grade training: 8.30-10.00pm

Costs are as follows:

Kyu grade training & grading: £20
Kyu grade training only: £10
Dan grade 'early bird' training price - register by 4th March: £10
Dan grade standard training price (5th March - 11th March, if spaces available): £15

Due to the restricted space in the Parish Hall, training is only open to students of Nailsea Karate, Backwell Karate and specially invited guests of the clubs. Please note that the start time is earlier than our usual Friday night training time.

Only those members that have completed at least the minimum number of lessons and who are at the standard required will be given permission to grade. If you are unsure as to whether you are allowed to grade please check with Sensei Tim Griffiths. Only those with an up-to-date KUGB licence on the day of the grading will be able to grade, so please check your licence book now. New members that have not applied for a KUGB licence and therefore do not have a red KUGB licence book must apply straight away. For any queries please speak to Sensei Tim Griffiths.

Registration for kyu grades opens on Friday 19th February and closes on Sunday 4th March

To help the event run smoothly, all club members wishing to grade must bring along their red KUGB grading record book and training/grading fee by Sunday 4th March at the latest.

Registration for dan grades is now open

As we will be opening up the dan grade class to those outside of the clubs, black belt members should make sure they register with their training fee as soon as possible. As soon as we reach capacity we will close this class to new registrations. Dan grades that register by Friday 4th March will receive our early bird pricing of 10. Dan grades registering after Friday 4th March will pay the standard 15 price.