Competitors take Southerns by storm

1 April 2017

Competitors take Southerns by storm

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the KUGB Southern Region Championships in Reading today.

Here are the results from the club:

GOLD in Senior Team Kata: Tim Griffiths, Ashley Hall, Steven Connell
GOLD in Senior Male Kumite: Ashley Hall
GOLD in Male Individual Kata: Tim Griffiths
SILVER in Male Team Kumite: Ashley Hall, Tim Griffiths, Ian Connell, Steven Connell
SILVER in 5'5" and over Boys' Kumite: Fergus Puddy
BRONZE in Male Senior Kumite: Tim Griffiths
BRONZE in Male Junior Kumite (18-20): Steven Connell
BRONZE in 5'5" and over Boys' Kumite: Ben Lee
BRONZE in 5'-5'5" Boys' Kumite: Josh Mashford
BRONZE in Male Veteran Kumite: Ian Connell
BRONZE in Male Senior Kata: Steven Connell

Well done everyone!

Full squad: Annette Connell, Ian Connell, Steven Connell, Tim Griffiths, Ashley Hall, Ben Lee, Josh Mashford, Kevin Mashford, Liam Mashford, Dylan Mateer, Jim Mateer, Archie Newbury, Fergus Puddy, Dan Salter, Jack Salter and Nicki Watts.