Jim and Annette grade to Nidan

14 April 2017

Jim and Annette with Senseis Brennan and Sherry

Congratulations to our two newest nidans (2nd Dans), Annette Connell and Jim Mateer!

Annette and Jim took part in a weeklong training course in Torbay and attempted their grading at the end of the week, passing under Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan.

The duo become only the eleventh and twelfth people to pass the grade of nidan as members of Backwell Karate. Annette becomes the third 2nd dan of the Connell family, while Jim adds his 2nd Dan to the national tournament judge qualification he earned last year.

Well done to both of you for well-deserved grades after almost three years of training since passing shodan. Your hard work has paid off.