Twenty pass grading at special seminar with Sensei Brennan

1 August 2017

Sensei Brennan course

Congratulations to the twenty karateka from Nailsea Karate and Backwell Karate that passed their grading under Sensei Frank Brennan on Sunday!

Sensei Brennan course We were delighted to once again play host to one of the KUGB's most sought after instructors, Sensei Frank Brennan at the end of July. Sensei is an 8th Dan of the Karate Union of Great Britain and well known across the world in Shotokan Karate circles.

Sensei taught two classes: one all-grade class, focusing on grading basics, and a second dan grade class, focusing almost exclusively on Goju Shiho Sho.

During the grading the improvements made by so many of our students were plain to see. Congratulations to those that passed!

Thank you to Sensei for visitng the club, to all our members that supported the event, and also to those from outside of the club, including representatives from Bristol SKC, Bath SKC, Tekki RS, Tiverton and Red Dragon Karate.