Sensei Price teaches seminar in Nailsea and Backwell

10 September 2017

Sensei Price course

We were delighted to welcome Sensei Matt Price to teach in Nailsea and Backwell on the 9th & 10th September for a special two day course.

Sensei Price is an instructor of phenomenal skill. He coaches the Northern Region EKF all-styles kumite squad as well as being JKS England National coach. A former KUGB Grand Champion and ESKA European Champion, Sensei Price's breadth of knowledge brings another dimension to his lessons. We were delighted that so many members and visitors had the pleasure of experiencing this for themselves, as over 40 joined us for the event.

Friday night’s classes were a combination of technical work and kumite strategy, with the second session focussing on the latter, to the delight of our brown and black belts. The movement drills gave everyone an excellent opportunity to see how the top fighters at the moment switch effortlessly from side-to-side with subtle adjustments to help get the advantage over your adversary.

Saturday’s classes included close quarters controlling movements as well as the Goju Shiho katas and application. Like on Day 1, we looked at how effective use of the kinetic chain (from foot to fist) is critical for power generation.

We finished the session with taking a look at how to generate the most powerful strikes from a near static position. As the photo demonstrates, the results were impressive.

The feedback from everyone that took part was fantastic. Thank you once again to Sensei Price for an insightful and informative two days.