Backwell Karate joins Bristol Karate Academy

24 September 2017

Backwell Karate joins Bristol Karate Academy

From today, 24th September, Nailsea Karate and Backwell Karate will become the founding member clubs of a new Academy: Bristol Karate Academy.

The Academy is made up of three dojos, with a new venue in Westbury-on-Trym opening its doors on Thursday 5th October. At the same time we’re taking the opportunity to tweak the way some of the classes are set up to help make sure we are able to continue to give the high level of tuition we aim for.

Over the last eight years our clubs have changed significantly. From two hours of formal classes a week to seven. From one venue to three.

We now host many of our own events, we split our classes in a way that gives our members better opportunities to learn skills that are aimed at their level and we have started to be a club that both gets and expects results at tournaments. With the introduction of a new venue, now is the perfect time to bring everything together as one community of dojos.

The change of name to Bristol Karate Academy gives us one name to unite under and we’re delighted to announce a number of changes from today that improve training opportunities for all of our existing and prospective members.

Most notably:

  • The introduction of Westbury Karate – our Westbury-on-Trym dojo on Thursday 5th October.
  • A second hall for Sunday and many Friday sessions.
  • A bigger hall for our Wednesday 6.30pm class.
  • A longer training session for our brown and black belts on Wednesdays.

After today’s class in Backwell we communicated the changes to around 40 members and parents. Beyond the practical changes to our sessions we were also delighted to unveil our new look. Our logo, our motto and our new club tracksuits.

We’ve sent out more details to those that couldn’t attend. We have been delighted with the positive response so far and look forward to continuing to develop the Academy further over the coming months and years. We're delighted that you're joining us on the journey.

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